Monday, October 18, 2010

Training "Gasyii"

So I've been long over due for a quick update. As of now I have finished my Pre Service Training. I am extremely glad for that to be over with. It wasn't bad but I really just want to start my actual service. That being said though at times PST seemed long in actuality it flew by. The most important aspect of the PST is the language training which I believe is one of the best training programs. I learned a lot of Pulaar du Nord (Pulaa Toro) in 2 months. Though at times I feel like I don't know the language at all I'll run into someone else and I can understand everything.

Right now I am in Tamba at the PC regional house. Basically meeting all the other regional volunteers and buying some things I'll need in Bakel. I head out to Bakel on Wednesday and then install into my site on Thursday. Then it is village life until December. In December I go back to Thies for In-service Training. My basic responsibility in the first 3 months is to just continue learning the language and get integrated into the community. That is a big reason why I install when I do. That gives me a couple of months to integrate into the community and learn the language before the next field crop season which isn't until the wet season in July.

Besides that all is well. Especially now that I'm in site I will be happily accepting care packages. I would enjoy anything but especially gatorade powder, protein bars/cliff bars and reading material. Though I'd accept anything.

My address is
Brian Bartle- Corps de la Paix
BP 320
Tambacounda, Senegal, West Africa

Besides that I hope to update everyone again after I've been at site for a bit. I'm not suppose to leave for 5 weeks. Not a requirement but just a recommendation/challenge.

Also no word on the mongoose but heard about Mauritanian black markets with everything you'd ever need. A good place to start. Until then I might get guinea hens or a camel. We'll see.

Peace and Love from Africa,

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