Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick Update

Probably by the time I come back to the states you will all refer to me as "quick update" which is all i seem to be giving you lately. Thus is life in Senegal. A key point is my site switch. My last post indicated I was going to Kaolack. Well as is life in Senegal things happened. I am now going to Bakel on the Senegal/Mauritania boarder. Things happened with volunteers going home early so I got rotated. It is going to be hot I am not going to lie. It is in the desert and though it is on the Senegalese River it gets up to a 130 degrees in which the river dries up. This will provide an amble opportunity to run across the boarder to Mauritania.

That being said I am excited about it. It is suppose to be really pretty. That and the people in my village are suppose to be extremely nice. That and I am going out to that area with two other really cool people. It should add up for a fun time (except maybe when it gets up to 130 degrees during the hot dry season.)

Other updates: the pictures of our my host family during Korite (the last day of Ramadan). It was all together a cultural experience being my first Korite. Great food and awesome outfits. The only thing is it is a bit anti-climatic. So the girls basically spend all day getting ready (putting weaves in and make up on). Then during the evening they put on their fancy clothes. And then.. And then... And then...nothing. They might go visit a friend but most just watch TV and then go to bed. It is so interesting to see this lead up to something and something never coming. It is my first extremely culture shock.

Additionally, the picture of me and a goat you might see on facebook is how i am named after. That is right. I am named after the goat. I think it was the second day my sister pointed at the goat and then pointed at me and said Amadou. She continued to repeat this but I clearly understood what she was getting across.

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